The Leduc Center offers a variety of resources and support for connecting real-world community needs with your academic expertise, research interests, and passion for helping students learn. We can support you at any stage of the process!

Service-Learning Faculty Fellows

Are you a faculty member or department head interested in incorporating service-learning into your courses or academic programs? If you are, consider applying to the  Faculty Fellows program.

The primary purpose of the Faculty Fellows program is to foster the integration of service-learning into our curricula. Participation in the program is a long-term commitment to the development of a community of teachers and scholars knowledgeable in service learning pedagogies and community-based assets and needs. As a Service-Learning Fellow, faculty meet on the last Friday of each month to discuss relevant readings and prepare for service-learning classes by learning how to (re)design syllabi, develop assignments, form partnerships, etc. Additional information about the program can be found in the Request for Proposal.

The Faculty Fellows program starts in the Fall of each academic year. Applications are accepted at the end of the Spring for the upcoming year. Interested faculty can find an application here.

Service-Learning Modules

If you are a faculty member interested in service-learning but are unable to commit to the requirements of the Faculty Fellows program, the Leduc Center also offers modules on how to build a service-learning course.

Teaching Assistants

If you need assistance or support, service-learning faculty can utilize teaching assistants (TA) as additional support who can help with the day-to-day details of implementing a service-learning class. They may serve as liaisons with community organizations or assist student groups with project conceptualization or implementation. They are trained and supervised by the faculty member(s) with whom they are working. Additional information and requirements can be found in the Application.

Community Partnerships

If you are searching for a community partner for your service-learning course, we can help pair you with an organization suited to your course.

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