The Leduc Center offers a range of programs that promote civic participation and engaged learning. They are run in collaboration with other schools and departments, which helps serve a variety of different populations across campus. Our current programs are focused on three different initiatives: college awareness, literacy/education, and civic engagement.

College Awareness

According to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), in 2012, 75.6% of high school graduates in Massachusetts attended college immediately after graduation. However, in New Bedford and Fall River, only 63.3% and 52.1% of high school graduates, respectively, continued on to college.

The Leduc Center’s College Positive Initiative is dedicated to helping local youth achieve the dream of a college education by having university students assist and advise students on the college-bound path. Our efforts are aimed at increasing college enrollment, retention, and success for all students by providing them with support and information about college preparation, paying for college, etc.

The goal is to to help youth perceive college as an attainable option, and provide understanding of the process to get there.



College Positive Tours




Based on recent MCAS results from spring 2016, 40% of third graders are not proficient readers. Those percentages are much higher in the SouthCoast. In Fall River, 61% of third graders were not reading proficiently at grade level. With regards to math, 45% of third graders in Fall River are not proficient. In spring 2016, the New Bedford School District replaced MCAS with PARCC. Based on their most recent results, 55% of third graders are not proficient readers and 48% are not proficient in math.

The Leduc Center’s Literacy/Education Initiative is dedicated to helping local youth read at grade level by the third grade. Since struggling readers are less likely to graduate from high school on time compared to proficient readers, our efforts are focused on increasing literacy and numeracy.



America Reads*Counts

Civic Engagement

The SouthCoast region faces many social risk factors, including high rates of unemployment, low rates of educational attainment, dropouts, violence, and disenfranchised youth.

The Leduc Center’s Civic Engagement Initiative is dedicated to helping local youth and university students engage in the local community to address needs and concerns as well as develop leadership skills.


LEADS_logoLEADS (Leadership for Educational Attainment Developed through Service)

VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance)

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