Civic Leadership Awards

Every day, UMass Dartmouth students, faculty, staff, and community partners work to advance the communities of the SouthCoast and the region. The Civic Leadership Awards honor those who have achieved special distinction in this area. The awards also call attention to the good work being done by the members of the UMass Dartmouth community in our host city and throughout our region and nation.

The Civic Leadership Awards are awarded in three categories:

Community Member Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes community members who have demonstrated a sustained commitment to civic engagement. Nominees are judged on the depth and scope of their work’s impact on the community or public policy.

Faculty Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes faculty members for their dedication to creating a bridge between learning and community. Nominees are judges on their work in creating active learning opportunities that benefit both the university and surrounding communities.

Student Civic Leadership Award

This award recognizes students for their contributions to campus and community life. Nominees are judged on the depth of their commitment and the impact of their work.

Application/Nomination Deadline:

Nominations and self-nominations are due by Friday, March 9th, by  5 p.m.

Application/Nomination forms (for a faculty member, community member, or student) can be submitted online or to the Leduc Center, LARTS 031.

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