Service-Learning is a pedagogical method used in credit-bearing courses that is designed with the dual mission of:

a) Student attainment of discipline specific knowledge through creatively designed active learning community based projects and

b) Community benefit through the the thoughtful
identification and completion of community-based service.

The methodology of Service-Learning requires:

a) A clear link between academic objectives and service
experience that is mutually beneficial to the goals of the course and community need.

b) Student reflection as a means to gain a greater
understanding of course content and a broader sense of civic responsibility.

The Leduc Center offers resources and support to faculty and student leaders implementing service-learning into their courses and programs. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers service-learning classes, from introductory courses to capstones, that extend classroom learning into the community through meaningful, challenging service.

For Students

As of Fall 2012, new undergraduate students are required to complete a general education curriculum called University Studies. Of the five clusters under University Studies, service-learning courses satisfy the last component, The Educated and Engaged Citizen. The listing of service-learning courses offered is updated each semester.

For Faculty

Faculty members interested in service-learning can join the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows program to learn more about service-learning in a group setting.

For faculty who are interested in learning more about redesigning their current courses to incorporate service-learning as a pedagogy, the Leduc Center has produced a series of modules to aid in this endeavor.

For more information about service-learning, please contact us!


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