Students eligible to declare the Leadership and Civic Engagement Minor must have no fewer than 24 earned credits and a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 Students can declare the Minor by completing and submitting the Request for Minor form to the Registrar’s Office. Students meet the requirements of the Minor by completing the seven (7) required courses with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Students may take LCE 200 without declaring the Minor. The prerequisites for LCE 200 are the completion of 30 credits with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Core Requirements

LCE 200

Introduction to Leadership and Civic

LCE 400

Leadership and Civic Engagement Practicum


Elective Requirements

To complete the course requirements for the Minor, one course must be taken from each of the five (5) elective categories listed below. Please note that no more than 1 course may be taken from any department and at least six (6) credits must be taken at the 300 level or above. Courses at the 300 level or above that are taken for a major cannot be applied towards the minor.


Courses in this track build effective communication skills, develop problem-solving skills, and attain excellence in interpersonal communication, writing, and public speaking.

CIS 120

Web Page Development

CIS 150

Computing for Media Communication

CIS 220

Intermediate Web Site Development

CIS 431

Human and Computer Interaction

ENL 260

Intermediate Composition

ENL 262

Journalism I

ENL 264

Communicating in the Sciences

ENL 265

Business Communication

ENL 266

Technical Communication



Courses in this track develop integrity and understanding of the values of fairness, responsibility for self and others, and personal accountability.

ACT 401


CIS 381

Social & Ethical Aspects of Computing

MGT 120

Business, Government, and Social

MGT 312

Legal Framework of Business

MGT 452

Employment Law

MKT 370

Social & Ethical Issues in Marketing

PHL 215

Introduction to Ethics

PHL 315

Ethics II

PHL 317/GRT 317

Ethics & Health Care Professionals

PHL 326

Philosophy of Law

PHL 340

Philosophy of Happiness

PHL 341

Philosophy of the Good Life

SOA 323

Morality & Society


Group/Organization Dynamics

Courses in this track develop an understanding of how groups develop into functioning units by studying the patterns of individual and group interaction and the major tenets of social interaction that may lead to group productivity and overall effectiveness.

ECO 401

Industrial Organization

MGT 311

Organizational Behavior

MGT 331

Project Team Management

MGT 336

Management History & Theory

MGT 365/LST 365

Leading & Managing People

MGT 443

Human Resource Management

MGT 461

Organizational Development

PHY 162

Science, Technology, and Society II: The Environment

PSC 331/LST 332

Political Parties & Interest Groups

PSC 342/LST 342

Public Administration

PSC 384

International Organizations

PSY 204

Social Psychology



Courses in this track prepare students for a modern and complex world characterized by rapid social change and are intended to equip students to function effectively in a world of evolving diversity by understanding and appreciating difference.

BLS 101

Introduction to African & African-
American Studies

ECO 343/BLS 343/
LST 343

The Economics of Race & Sex

GRT 201

Introduction to Gerontology

HST 103

World History I

HST 104

World Civilizations II

HST 205

African-American History I

HST 207

Women’s History in the United States: Colonial to the Present

HST 304

History of North American Indians

HST 310/WGS 310

America’s Working Women

HST 318/WGS 318

Women’s Biography & Autobiography

HST 346

The Color Line in Modern America

IST 151

Introduction to Indian Civilization

MGT 320

International Management

MGT 462

Managing Diversity

MKT 420

International Marketing

POR 120

Introduction to the Portuguese-
Speaking World

PSC 161

Introduction to International Relations

PSC 242/BLS 243/
LST 243

Ethnic Politics

PSC 306/BLS 306/
LST 306

Civil Rights Movements in the United States

PSC 332/WGS 332

Sex Roles & Politics

PSC 339/WGS 339

Women & Public Policy

SOA 101

Introduction to Sociology

SOA 111

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

SOA 300/WGS 300

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Identity & Culture

SOA 306

Race, Class, Gender, and Ethnicity in the Media

SOA 319/WGS 319

Gender Variation & Sexual Orientation Across Cultures

SOA 331/BLS 331

Race & Ethnicity

SOA 337/BLS 337

Comparative Ethnic Relations

SOA 359/WGS 359

Men & Masculinities

SUS 101

Principles of Sustainability

WGS 101

Introduction to Women’s Studies

WGS 213

Sex Workers, Nannies, and Maids


Policy and Decision Making

Courses in this track develop an understanding of how leadership skills are applied and decisions are made in a variety of contexts.

CJS 339/SOA 339/
BLS 339

Racism, Crime, and Justice


CJS 340/SOA 340

Law & Society

CJS 366/POL 366

Crime, Justice, and Policy

ECO 337/POL 346

Environmental Economics

ECO 338

Health Economics

ECO 472/POL 445

Coastal Resource Economics

MGT 490

Strategic Management & Policy

POL 102

Introduction to Policy Studies


POM 415

Applied Decision Models

PSC 301

The Presidency

PSC 302

The Legislative Process

PSC 315

Public Policy in America

PSC 322

Constitutional Law

PSC 323

Civil Liberties & Rights

PSC 332/SOA 332

Sex Roles & Politics

PSC 339/WGS 339

Women & Public Policy

PSC 382

American Foreign Policy

SOA 301/LST 301

Work & Society

SOA 310/BLS 310

Social Movements

SOA 336/WGS 336

Women & Social Policy

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